Wendy’s Story

Wendy is a passionate motivational speaker, author, vitality coach, certified personal trainer AND a loving mother to Molly and wife to Dave.

Born in Traralgon in Victoria’s Gippsland in Australia, Wendy grew up with fitness in her blood. Her mother was an aerobics and fitness instructor for over 23 years and exercise and wellbeing was ingrained into Wendy from an early age.

Wendy began her career in the corporate sector, working for some of Australia’s top four banks including ANZ and the National Australia Bank.  After 10 years, she became a police officer, working the beat in some of Melbourne’s most destitute suburbs. Four years later she decided to become what she was always meant to be … a person who inspires others through her own actions.

Wendy is passionate about life and she has a genuine desire to teach others how to choose a healthy mind, a healthy body and the life they desire.

Wendy has always been passionate about health and wellbeing. In 2008 and 2009, Wendy experienced a year of mass learning. She came very close to losing everything that was sacred in her life. As a result she began to read, read and read.  Wendy read everything from spirituality to science and found she had a passion for bringing quantum physics, health science and spirituality together.  She discovered the power of thought and imagination along with the power of feeling.

In 2009 Wendy opened her own personal training studio, began studying a Bachelor of Health Science, wrote a book in 10 days (Stepping Stones – 10 Steps to finding Health, Wealth and Happiness), launched herself as a motivational speaker and created the Think for Fitness concept.

Think for Fitnesswas created as a result of a tragic accident 15 years ago. Wendy’s father had a work accident that left him a quadriplegic. He now has no feeling or movement from his chest down.  After watching What the Bleep Do We Know, a film that follows the story of a deaf photographer as she encounters emotional and existential obstacles in her life and comes to consider the idea that individual and group consciousness can influence the material world, she felt something she had never felt before. That is, a burning desire to learn more about quantum physics and the effect our thoughts have over our body. The more she learned, the more she realized how amazing this information is and how much it could help people that are in a situation like her father’s. Wendy suddenly had an amazing realization about how she could utilize this knowledge to help others. Since then, Wendy has been working towards making this idea a reality and she is now very excited to be able to share this concept with the world.

Think for Fitness is a system that enables everyone to feel the joy and benefits of living a physically active life. This system is ideal for those who are unable to exercise to their full extent or even at all. It will guide you through a series of audio visualization programs that will enable you to literally feel like you are actually performing physical exercise.

By now you probably want proof that the Think for Fitness concept works. That’s OK – Wendy can talk the talk AND walk the walk.

Wendy has a plethora of proof that this concept works. There is a mountain of evidence in books such as The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution by Dr Bruce Lipton, Change Your Brain Change Your Body by Daniel Amen MD, Energy Over Mind by John Mace, through to The Healing Power of Water by Masaru Emoto and of course, What the Bleep Do We Know DVD set. Wendy also has a pile of journal articles that she regularly searches the Internet for, which you can find on her latest news section of this website.

The relationships Wendy has developed and results she has witnessed from her clients in her personal training business have resulted in Wendy realizing just how powerful her message is. Wendy wants to share her message with as many people as possible throughout the world so they can start achieving the same results in their life.