Here’s what my clients have to say

Before I called Wendy I couldn’t really see the future. There was nothing. I saw an ad in the local paper for Wendy Bentley advertising herself and a holistic personal trainer. I figured I should call her and maybe, just maybe, she could help me. I had tried everything else.

Well let me tell you. What a lady! My whole life is different. I suffered depression, panic attacks and every mental condition you can have. Wendy changed all that. The strength, the passion and spring for life is what she brought back into my life.

I am now stronger, no more panic! I am stronger than that now. I’m fitter and 10kg’s lighter and I am also now training to become a Personal Trainer too.

If you want to change your life, Wendy Bentley is the person you need to see. You will never look back on your old life again.

If you want to think negatively and you walk in the door to see Wendy, she won’t let you think that way. All the negatives are changed to positives and it feels great.

Wendy’s zing for life, you just want it too. Nothing is too hard, everything is achievable.

Wendy is always there for you mentally, physically and personally.”

Bobo Davis

I was at my biggest at 85kg, unhappy and I could say that I hated myself. Everything seemed to be going wrong. I was lost and I didn’t know who I was anymore.

I tried to lose weight in 2008. I was able to lose about 8kg. As a result of some health problems, I put on another 5kg. I was at breaking point but then I was going through the  local paper and I saw an ad about a personal trainer. What could I lose? Not much because I was already lost. So I called.

I think that was exactly what I needed. Not only does Wendy help me with my physical side but also my mental wellbeing and that’s what I really liked about her was the help with the mental side.

Since then, I haven’t looked back. Wendy gets me to look at everything and she gets right into my head. All the things that I try and hide. The workouts are great, I have fun with her and they are always different. I have started to notice the difference with the way I feel, look, sleep and in my clothes. I have had to get rid of a lot. I still have bad days, but when I see Wendy and do my workout and talk things out, I feel a lot better. I don’t think I would be where I am no if I hadn’t rang Wendy.

For me, Wendy has been the best thing ever!”

Eliza Lenne

I have been training with Wendy for a couple of months now and already I have noticed changes in myself, physical, mental and emotional. Wendy has helped my motivation, confidence and also to find myself.

After losing my 17 year old daughter and mother within a month of each other, two years ago, she has assisted me in channeling my feelings/energy into uplifting my overall being, therefore improving my life in general.”

Katrina Femino

Working out with Wendy at Infinity Health is the best thing I have ever done for my health & my self esteem, it all started with a very good ad in the paper and my eye was caught now I am starting to feel good about myself again.

I found I was giving excuses for my poor diet and my ‘work commitments’ and therefore little exercise was being done, I was very good at excuses but with Wendy 3 times a week I now have more goals in life I want to eat healthy and I can’t wait for our next meeting.  Wendy designs a program to suit you and that’s why my next goal is not to loose weight anymore that will happen along the way of meeting my other goals.

I plan to run 10km’s – not bad for someone who only 3-4 months ago couldn’t even run around the block with out walking!!!!  Wendy’s up beat energy her smiling attitude and her knowledge of our body’s…. WOW yes you will be surprised….that makes her a great personal trainer – you would be lucky to meet this woman J

Thanks Wendy!!!”

Kelly Davidson

After being on medication for depression for the past 10 years I’d really just given up on things ever being any different.

I’ve always felt like my body and soul were somehow disconnected and I was simply going through the paces of life on autopilot.

Then one day, purely by chance, I met Wendy Bentley and an amazing journey has now begun.

During my first session with Wendy, we talked and did some exercising. She saw straight through my “I don’t really care” attitude and looked without judgment at the REAL me. That ‘me’ that I am scared to look at myself let alone show anyone else.

When I drove home that day my emotions overflowed and I cried my heart out. For the first time I felt there was ‘hope’ for me, that it was possible for me to change my life for the better.

Five weeks later and I can see so many wonderful changes in myself and so can my family. My body is getting stronger and more importantly, so is my mind.

I refer to my sessions with Wendy as ‘my positive time’. She is teaching me that anything is possible and how to cope with emotions and negative influences.

Through Wendy’s guidance I am learning to view myself as worthwhile and to love and respect myself.

I am so grateful to her for all that she has given me and look forward to continuing on this journey of self discovery with her by my side.

Thank you Wendy for believing in me when I didn’t.”

Wendy Bailey

Testimonials based on seminar held in Melbourne, December 2009

I find Wendy to be very inspiring – I feel sure I will be able to achieve what I want in my journey to weight loss. Thanks.”

Sue White

Great! Loved it. Wendy gets to me all the time. I felt the tears a couple of times. I have lots more thinking to do. Thanks heaps. Love you.”

Eliza Lenne

Clear, well presented, balanced, easily understood, inspirational and motivating.”

Caroline Roberts

Very informative, makes you really think about how you can get what you want. Good Luck.”

Lorraine Sutton

You are very inspiring and your journey is well established. Extremely informative, practical and beneficial. I recommend anyone to see Wendy speak as I am most confident everyone will be able to take something away. I have!”

Shae Baxter

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Your enthusiasm shone through!”

Sam Shead

You were awesome. Very inspirational. Explained things well. Understood everything.”

Jenny Walker

Wendy is one of the most inspiring, passionate and caring people I know. She has such an important message to impart to others and communicates it clearly. She not only inspires people to change their lives but gives them the tools to enable them to do so. I loved her seminar and will be at the next one!”

Renee Drayton

Absolutely amazing, you sound so clear and confident and trustworthy. I have never been in a seminar so interesting as this and I have been to quite a few. It is really inspiring – I just feel to start to do things – to start a new beginning – I really do.

Undoubtedly this is my first step to a long beautiful journey.”

Marisel Levia

That made a lot of sense, even the science (I’m not scientific). Somehow you already know everything that was said, but you don’t. But to hear it is maybe the simple thing that I need to make my new beginning…

Well researched and presented but it would be nothing without the passion that it was put across with by Wendy.”

Stephen Cardiff

I found it inspiring and exciting. The information was easy to understand and useful for everyday. The 10 steps are

very useful tools to help prepare to take on a more fulfilled and happier life.

I am very happy I have participated. Wendy was honest, honorable and truthful. I believe Wendy believes in the 10 steps and I can feel Wendy practices what she preaches.”

Jorge Viote

What can I say – you were fantastic! You really helped to get across the simplicity in the message of ‘how’ the body words with all the everyday negative beliefs and thoughts we take on and what that does to us on a physical level!

It was fantastic to also hear how we can take positive thinking and extend that into ACTION.

Thanks for reminding me to be more aware of my own thinking and to “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

You’re an inspiration to me and my life.”

Clarissa Williams

I came in feeling nervous and wondering what it was all about. I leave feeling inspired. You showed how confident you are and anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.

Thanks for a great night Wendy.”

Katrina Femino

As I said to you last night I really enjoyed listening to you speak and especially loved how you explained things in such a simple way!!!!

Thanks again and I look forward to catching up soon.”

Tracey Dear
Amazing Scents

Recommendation: Wendy Bentley

Last night I engaged Wendy Bentley as a Guest Speaker for a function geared specifically around enlightening and expanding the mind. Wendy delivered a complex subject in a clear, interesting and energetic way. Within minutes she had massive crowd participation and held their attention easily for the 30 minute presentation. The feeling when she finished was that of exuberation and my only regret was that I hadn’t booked her for longer.

Being an exciting and motivating speaker is a gift, and Wendy certainly has that. I have no hesitation in recommending her to enlighten and expand your mind too.”


Lianne Watson
Amazing Scents Pty Ltd.

Wendy Bentley presented to a group of approximately 30 students currently undertaking a Diploma of Fitness. Her presentation was entertaining, educational and informative. It was a great opportunity for the students to hear from someone with real world experience and knowledge. The presentation was upbeat and professional.”


Ryan Koski
Academy General Manager
Victorian Fitness Academy