An affiliate program that actually looks after you!


What It’s All About?


Our affiliate program is by application only.


If you would like to become an affiliate please send me an email via the contact page and address the following:


  • How you plan to actively market the guides

–        your web site, your email list, or something else.


Why application?


Because most affiliate programs allow you to do the hard work while they reap a large majority of the benefits.


Either the merchant doesn’t pay much money to the merchant (Amazon pays 4%), or the affiliates don’t do much promoting.


I believe if you are out there doing the hard yards, you deserve a great percentage to reward your efforts.


If you qualify, you will get a full 50% commission on every sale you make.


It’s pretty simple, but I want to know you will take it seriously. In turn, I’ll take your partnership seriously and help you any way I can with the marketing.

Money, Money, Money!


As mentioned, I pay 5o% commission on every sale you make with no minimum.


I pay out on the first of the month via PayPal, direct to your own PayPal account which you can then immediately withdraw to your bank or spend online to your heart’s content.


If you make more than $2,000 in any given month, I’ll pay out every other week, and you’ll get a 10% bonus on all sales above the $2,000 level.


How It Works


You have to own the programs prior to getting started, you can’t cheat by buying products for yourself under the affiliate program, and you can’t annoy anyone else by spamming them about my products.


That’s pretty much it. Oh, and the logistics for this are independently managed through which will ensure that you always get credit for sales you produce.

Join our Affiliate Program!