Bali – the future & a dream life discovered

A last minute, unexpected dash to Bali. The result was an unexpected turn of events. I was about to receive a palm reading with the man himself.  Ketut Liyer. The very palm reader who inspired Elizabeth Gilbert’s, Eat, Pray, Love phenomenon. It seems my dream life is about to be realized…

It was casual conversation with my good friend Shae that resulted in a trip to Bali. There was only three short weeks between that conversation and the trip.

Our first day in Bali was warm, relaxing and insatiably inviting.

Our second day brought about a chain of events we could never have predicted. It began with the search for a driver.

We were lucky enough to find a wonderful driver named Jefry. As soon as we entered his little Suzuki  people mover, we began to rant the words, “medicine man, medicine man.” Jefry looked at us with confusion in his eyes but to our relief, he seemed to know what to do.

We drove to the other end of the hotel where he spoke to his friend. This friend understood exactly what we wanted and advised Jefry we were looking for a holy man. He also advised him in Balinese  where to find one.

So off we go on our search for a holy man. It seemed like an eternity that we were driving around, stopping, starting and asking directions.

Then suddenly, we stopped. I saw the sign, Ketut Liyer. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was certain this was THE holy man. The Eat, Pray, Love holy man!

Shae and I outside Ketut Liyer's residence

That particular day, Ketut was far too busy for a reading so we decided to come back on Friday.

That Friday brought us great success. We were the second people to arrive at Ketut’s home.

Before we knew it, we were sitting before the man who accurately predicted the future of Elizabeth Gilbert.

It was then that Ketut handed me a letter written by Elizabeth Gilbert herself. He advised me that he could not read English well and asked would I mind reading it to him.

I felt so honored to be asked to do this although I am sure I was not the first, nor the last to read this letter.

After reading the letter to Ketut, a wave of excitement came over me. Here I am, in front of this man, reading this letter. What on earth more could I possibly experience in Bali to top this? It turns out there was more, but that is for another blog…

After reading the letter, Ketut gently looked me in the eye and said, “…oooooh, that was so beauuuuuutifuuuuuul. I have goosebumps.”

At this moment, I was frozen. Frozen and captivated, with the most ridiculous smirk of glee upon my face. I was beside myself, I was in awe of what was happening.

Ketut proceeded to do a palm reading, but why bother telling you when you can watch the whole thing for yourself. I was a little in awe of what was happening at the time, which you will see in the video below. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did.

So why would any of this be of interest to you?

Before I answer this, let me ask you, have you ever felt as though you are not good enough? Have you ever really wanted to achieve something but you hold a belief that success only happens to lucky people?

Well I am just a girl from the country. A girl with big dreams. Growing up, I never imagined that my life could be filled with such incredible spiritual, joyous moments such as the moment I spent with Ketut.

I always dreamed of living a life such as the one I have discovered, but I never knew it was possible for it be my reality. Over the past three years, I have discovered a reality that not only reaches my childhood dreams, it surpasses it.

That is what I want for you. Stop limiting your life from this moment forward.

You deserve to live the life of your dreams, so let me ask you, if you didn’t think your dream life was impossible, what would you do? I would love to know the answer so please feel free to share your answer with us all.

Until next time, Dream Big, Love Life and Trust!

Wendy Bentley

PS. Keep an eye out for the next blog. You will be taken on a life-changing journey that will blow you away. A healing and a king. Stay tuned…