Challenge: Can You Take A Compliment?

I had a very interesting experience recently that caused me to start this conversation with a few friends over a glass of wine and the result of the conversation was astounding….


It all started after I received some amazing testimonials about Think for Fitness from a couple of people I respect greatly.


My behaviour that followed receiving those video testimonials shocked me to the core.

"Emoticon" by farconville


After receiving the testimonials I found…


I could not bring myself to watch them!


I was filled with gratitude for the testimonials and I felt so blessed to have the support of a doctor and a highly respected and very popular psychic medium – this wasn’t the issue.


I began to question myself….”what the hell is wrong with me?”


Finally, in the stillness and quiet of the night, I realized my issue.


After all these years, I still couldn’t take a compliment!


I decided I wanted to know if that was normal. Do my friends and fellow business people feel the same way or am I stuck in a way of thinking that is preventing me from blowing my own trumpet?


So I asked them…


It turns out, most of them have the same problem only we struggled with it in different areas.


Some people could not take a compliment about their looks or their body.


Me….I couldn’t take a compliment about something I created. I have been working my butt off on this creation the past two years!




Because I felt it was a compliment about my level of intelligence.


I spent years retraining the way I think to now be able to take as many compliments as you can give me about my body and the way I look….only to find there was another monster in the closet I didn’t know existed.


So I have a question for you…


Can YOU take a compliment?


If not, what is your monster in the closet?


Look at all areas of your life and ask yourself, if someone was to tell me, “You ROCK at that!” could you simply say “Thank You” and truly integrate and accept it?


Since discovering my little monster, I have managed to not only watch the video testimonials, but I have allowed myself to feel proud of what I have created and grateful for the support of such high integrity professionals as K and Dr Michael from Connect With Spirit.


Now I can actually say, “I ROCK at that!”


Can you?


If not, try this:

1. Write down 10 reasons why you can’t take a compliment in that area of your life.

Why? Because now you are acutely AWARE of these triggers. Knowing them gives you the power to interrupt these thoughts as they arise so you can choose a different reaction.

2. Now take some time to write down 10 things that are AWESOME about that area of you or your life and one emotion that you choose to feel for each one.

This gives you the new thoughts and feelings to replace with the old ones.

3. Spend 5 minutes every day (now I know you can all manage just 5 minutes!) just imagining someone giving you a compliment about that area of your life and begin practicing your response.


The real change takes place when you attach a positive feeling to that new response then you practice it so much you begin to feel bored with it. Once you get to this point, practice just a little more because now it becomes ingrained in your subconscious and you will fire that positive reaction without even thinking about it!


I would love to hear all about your little monsters and what AWESOME, positive thoughts and feelings you are choosing to use to overcome it.




PS – You are looking so HOT today!


PPS – and you are so super awesome in life…I am really proud of you!