Christmas Minus the FAT!

Christmas minus the fat!

When you think of Christmas Day, what is your first thought? Is it of the presents or the food?

Overeating is synonymous with Christmas day. Just think, how many times have you walked around rubbing your uncomfortably full stomach that day? Well this year, I challenge you to try something new.

That something new is called conscious eating.

Generally, as we move through the day, we talk, we eat, we open presents, we talk, we eat, we eat and we eat. And so that process goes….for more than one day!

This process is fun and I am not about to suggest you change it.

What I am going to suggest is that you stay conscious throughout the process and enjoy it even more.

What do you mean by staying conscious?

In any given moment, where are you? Are you thinking about the future? Work? The past? What to cook for dinner? How much you have eaten for the day?

If you are thinking about anything other than the very moment you are in, you are unconscious. Unconscious meaning, you are not aware of the present moment.

In order to be conscious, it is necessary to “wake up” and live in the very moment.

How do I “wake up”?

You use your senses.

You take your focus from wherever it has been and you place it in your touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell.

Practice this for just a moment….

Begin to really feel where you are. Is it warm? Is it cold? How does your body feel? Is it comfortable? Sore? Relaxed?

Now listen. Really hear everything that is going on around you. Can you hear birds? Water? People?

Now look around. What can you see now that you couldn’t see before? Really look and see all the minor details around you.

Now take a big deep breath in through your nose. Notice any scents or smells. Pick something up and smell it. What’s it like? Does it remind you of anything?

Finally, find a piece of food. Take a bite and allow it to swirl around in your both. Close your eyes and focus on your taste buds. Allow the taste of that food to become vibrant. Taste every ingredient in that food. Love that food and caress it with your tongue. Appreciate it and what it will do for your body. This food keeps you alive, functioning, energetic!  This food is medicine for your cells.

How Can This Help me Over Christmas?

I am using Christmas as a great example of when we over indulge and as a result, we suffer the consequences. It is however beneficial to practice this way of being every day.

This new found consciousness will help prevent you from putting on weight over Christmas because rather than going through the motions of the day, you are really living it.

When we live in this way, we are so in tune with our body that we are satisfied with much less and we enjoy what we have and do so much more.

Benefits of Conscious Eating:

  • Increased energy levels due to a stable metabolism
  • Eat less due to feeling satisfied sooner
  • Enjoy the day more as you are not worried about the past or the future
  • Your body will process your food easier because you have released the stress behind eating it
  • Conversations will be more fulfilling as you are really tuned in to the person, what they are saying and how they are feeling
  • You will sleep better because you are not sluggish due to over-indulging
  • You will be in a better mood because you are not frustrated about how much you ate
  • Best of all, you are no longer need to diet in the new year because the new conscious you only eats as much as you need and you enjoy every single morsel!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!