Day 17 – 30 Day Weight Loss Mindset Challenge


It’s DAY 17!

I am so excited you are here because I LOVE this!

Today you are going to see something that truly changed the way I ‘think’ about myself….because the thought of the alternative was too yuck to consider!

Dr Masaru Emoto is a Japanese Energy Scholar who discovered that human thoughts and feelings (consciousness) can literally change the molecular structure of water!

Now before you switch off because that seems a little over your head…

Consider…our bodies are made up of 70% water…


Dr Emoto discovered water changes formation according to the thoughts and feelings projected into it by human!

He took water samples and gave them various blessings.

He would bless one with love, one with illness and various other positive and negative emotions.

He then froze the water and through a special camera took photos of the frozen water crystals.

He found the water blessed with positive words developed beautiful snowflake like structures (see photo on the right above) where as water that was polluted or blessed with negative words such as “I am sick” formed broken, ugly, unformed structures.

Now go back to the statement above…”our bodies are made up of 70% water” and consider…..if you are thinking negative thoughts about yourself such as, “I am fat” or “I am ugly” or “I am not good enough”….what is that doing to the structure of the water that makes up the cells in your body?

Have you ever noticed that happy people who sincerely love themselves (in an egoless way) tend to have a youthful appearance and a healthy ‘glow’ that is hard to pinpoint?

Now that you know this…..I think it is easy to see why that is!

They also are ‘inspired’ to take action to keep them healthy because of the thoughts and feelings they are feeding their cells.

This positivity makes them more ‘attractive’ no matter what size or height they are or how they look.

So how would you like the water in your body to look?