Day 9 – 30 Day Weight Loss Mindset Challenge




You have a physical reaction to the images you see in your mind.

Let’s have some fun with this and play a quick game…

I want you to close your eyes and imagine the biggest spider you have ever seen is crawling up your right leg. It’s creeping, crawling, you can feel it getting closer and closer to your face…it’s hairy and ugly and you don’t like spiders….

What is happening while you are imaging this. For me, I become quite jittery and I want to swipe the imaginary spider away from my leg. I shudder and have tingles running over my body and my heart is beating a little faster.

Again, this is another physical reaction to an image in your mind.

Now consider this…

The area of the brain that sees images sent from our eyes is the same area of the brain that sees images when we dream, daydream or just think.

In fact, we actually think in images all the time.

Let’s prove it…

I want you to think of a blue cow. Don’t see anything, just think about it.

Is it possible to just think about it and not actually imagine it?


Why is this so important to know?

Because every time we think, we have a hormonal response to our thoughts or more to the point, our images and that hormone is sent through the bloodstream to the cells of the body giving you a physical response.


You may see yourself as overweight so you start to feel it and you begin to crave chocolate cake because in your opinion that’s what overweight people do.

You feel lethargic, unmotivated and unhappy.

You have been having these thoughts and feelings for so long now it has become ingrained in you and it happens without you even having to think about it!

So just imagine then…if you began to think different thoughts, feel different feelings and create a whole new belief about of who you are and how you behave!

As we discussed, when you have a thought (in the form of an image, such as yourself) you attach a feeling to it….

Your brain then mixes together a chemical concoction known as a ‘hormone’ to go along with that feeling you are telling it to send out.

Think of these ‘hormones’ like a key.


They travel through the bloodstream and search for cells so it can insert itself into the cells receptor (think of this as the lock), and literally unlock the cell so it can freely send the message from the brain into the cell.

Once the hormone unlocks the cell and sends the message into it….the cell changes its behavior to act in accordance with the message it has just received.

Here’s what is super scary about this….Dr Candice Pert author of the famous book Molecules of Emotion, discovered our cells become ‘addicted’ to hormones.

So when you believe something for long enough and it becomes a habit in your mind….your body also begins to crave it so you will have even MORE of the same thoughts and feelings! It’s just another vicious cycle!

This is why…..once you decide to live a healthy life… soon begin to CRAVE that old way of living and do the same old things you did that got you into the situation you dislike so much in the first place!

It’s just the cycle of your cells being addicted to the hormonal message you USED to send it!

So don’t stress….just keep seeing the new YOU and more so, FEEL the new you!

Persistence will overcome the addiction in a very short period of time.

Keep going!!