The Best Diet EVER!

Christmas is over, New Years has been and gone, your jeans are far tighter than they were in November last year and you are frantically searching the internet for the quickest, easiest diet on the market. Well here it is folks. The quickest, easiest diet ever….but first, some facts.

The dieting industry earns a whopping $55 billion per year and around 45 million people in America alone contribute to this income. The amazing thing is that although we all know diets don’t work, yet we continue to waste our money anyway!

The Tomato on a Plate Diet....

So here it is folks. The best diet EVER! It’s what I call the ‘Decide to NEVER Diet Again’, diet! That’s right! Never diet again. Hence the reason it is the fastest and best diet in the world. I guarantee you will get far better results from never dieting again than you will from trying every fad diet on the market.

I heard an interesting comment recently and it was made reference to the fact the word ‘die’ is in diet. Anyone who has ever been on one of those horrible fad diets will surely have felt like they were going to die at some point during the program!

Now I will admit to you that although I am a personal trainer who absolutely loves to exercise, I have most definitely piled on a few kg’s over the past month.  And yes, even though I know better, I have certainly entertained the idea of going on a ‘diet’.

But then I remembered! I remembered because I stayed conscious of my thoughts.

I remembered that your body is merely a reflection of what is going on in your mind because your body is a symptom of your thoughts and feeling and your thoughts and feelings are the cause of your current state.

Take a headache for example. A headache is rarely the cause of anything but it is certainly a symptom of something else such as a misaligned vertebrae or a severe knock to the head or stress.

If you really want to lose weight, tone up or change the shape of your body, before you do ANYTHING, do this first…

Ask yourself what am I feeling?

Then ask yourself…

What thoughts have I been allowing that are causing me to feel this way?

And finally…

What actions have I taken as a result of these thoughts and feelings that have caused my body to react this way?

The answers to these questions need to be honest, and I mean REALLY honest! Once you have identified the answers to these questions, you will have the REAL reason you are thinking about going on a ‘diet’.

Now that you know the real reason you are thinking about going on a diet is due to your thoughts and feelings, doesn’t it make sense for you to use the exact same process to reverse the symptoms?

Go ahead, give it a go. Instead of starving yourself, make the decision to choose better, more positive, healthier thoughts and feelings. Think like a fit, healthy person. Feel like a fit, healthy person then act like a fit, health person.

I personally choose a role model to help me with this process. I think about how they must think, feel and act and I do the same.

Keep doing this and soon enough it will become your natural state of being and you really will never need to ‘diet’ ever again!