Diets are a Load of Crap! Here’s 3 Reasons Why…

I don’t know about you but I just love reading about the latest ‘diet’ fads. They amuse me no end. The truth is, most of these nutritional fads are nothing more than a compilation of someone else’s ideas or they are an off the wall concept to try and make as much money as possible.

So who buys this information? Well people who are carrying more body fat than they would like and they want to get out of the pain of that feeling so much that they are willing to try whatever works quickly!

Oh, and people like me who always wants to know the latest crazy information being put out there! ( I love my purpose in life so much that I try them all for a few days just so when a client comes to me after being on one, I know what it does to you!)

So what are these ‘diet’ fads that I am talking about.

Well there are numerous. Here are a few:

–       The Atkins Diet – low carb (made me feel terrible! Brain becomes scattered and terribly lethargic)

–       The Dukan Diet – primitive man foods (tried a couple of versions of this – after a week had low energy and an intense craving for chocolate and I don’t even love chocolate that much)

–       The Lemon Detox Diet – a detox diet (Ugh! So not fun. Talk about grumpy!)

–       The Zone Diet – high protein / low carb (see Atkins Diet)

–       The South Beach Diet – low carb 3 phase diet (didn’t bother with this one, just another low carb option made to sound sexier than the others!)

–       Body Trim – low carbs (sent my mother loopy so I didn’t give it a go. Told her to go have some carbs. She became normal again within an hour)

And the list goes on and on and on!

Here are some things you need to know about these diets:

–       Reason 1: These diets are just a reinvention of whatever diet made a bucket load of money before it!


–       Reason 2: They are so radical that it causes people to think that it is the big ‘secret’ to losing weight quickly!


–       Reason 3: Although they all claim to be, not one of them is sustainable! Yes they all cause you to lose weight, but try doing this for the rest of your life….ugh…..shoot me now!

The problem is that people buy this crap because of a few key reasons:

  1. They think dieting is meant to be hard so they are willing to do it for a while if they believe it works fast.
  1. The creators display on the web or TV their most compelling testimonials from people who have lost weight on this particular diet and they all state how quickly they did it.
  1. The creators put together an awesome marketing campaign targeting your emotions causing to feel you MUST do this diet to achieve what you have being trying to achieve for soooooo long!

The real ‘secret’ to dieting is to STOP LISTENING TO ALL THIS CRAP and start listening to what you already know.

I have coached enough people now to know that you all know exactly what is good for you, what is not good for you, what you enjoy eating and what you don’t enjoy eating. You know this innately.

The fact is, most of you think there is something else you need to know.

Sure, there is a lot to learn about food and the nutritional value of it, but what’s more important than that is the reason why you are eating the things you know are not good for you more often than you would like.

Body fat is not the cause of your pain. Body fat is the symptom of something else that is going on with you.

The ‘something else’ is in your brain. It’s in your thinking, your habits, your beliefs.

So do yourself a favour and buy the next fad diet book just for a bit of a laugh.

Go and spend your money fixing the real reason you are overweight or not the size you want to be. There a so many ways to do this so find one that you believe in and go do it!

You may choose a healing modality that is spiritual, scientific or just conversational. Who cares! Just give it a go. I have seen people achieve great results with many different modalities. From reiki, to counselling and from hypnosis to kinesiology.

In addition to that, decide to be happy right now! Today! This very minute!

Deciding to be happy right now will do more for your health than all of these diets put together.