Do You REALLY Want To Go Without Bread For The Rest Of Your Life?

I was reading the sales page of the latest diet ‘trend’ and I suddenly began to laugh…

It hit me like like a bolt of lightening…

Thousands upon thousands of people have spent their money to purchase the next best diet trend based on theories from ‘caveman’ days!

Do we really think our bodies are SO unintelligent that it is incapable of evolving from not eating grains to eating grains?

If you study cells, you will soon begin to understand the matter we are made up of is incredibly smart and it adapts to changes over time…


Consider the theory of evolution….if we really started off as fish….then according to these new ‘fad’ diets..shouldn’t we just eat fungus from the bottom of the ocean?

It seems absolutely absurd to me that we are reducing ourselves to living like a caveman!

If you like bread, and you purchase good quality, wholegrain bread, and you have no known intolerances to it….then why are you depriving yourself?

I don’t eat bucketloads of bread but I do enjoy my eggs on nutritious toast every now and again!

Not all of us want to look like the next Miss Bikini or Mr Beach Body so how extreme do you really want to be?

The fact is…if you TRULY want to lose weight and change your life, you need to start with what’s going on in your brain.

Your thoughts shape your behaviour and cause you to take actions.

Your thoughts are what makes the choice whether to eat cake or a carrot.

Your thoughts are what causes you to make it to the gym or stay in bed.

Your thoughts, with intentional feeling attached, are SO powerful that can literally create the life you desire.

So, If you really THINK about it…..

Do you REALLY want to deprive yourself for the rest of your life? And if so, for what purpose?

Get your thoughts into shape and your body will follow….you will begin to feel INSPIRED to eat the foods that are right for you and move your body in a way that you enjoy…

Take the pressure off…. go eat some grains!


Wendy 😉