I Spent Last Week With Another Man And It Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me…And You!

Last week was one of the most miraculous weeks of my life!


I don’t mean to brag….but it was truly AWESOME!


You know those moments in life when you wish you could re-live it over and over?


That’s the type of week I had.


The reason is, I spent last week with another man!

That’s right! My husband was happy to allow me to spend each evening and the whole weekend with a man I admire and respect more than I can put into words.


This man, to me, is like Justin Bieber to a teenage girl.


If you are a fan on the facebook page you will already know who it is.


He’s no Justin Beiber but he rocks my world and by the end of this blog he will rock yours too!


It is Dr Joe Dispenza.


I spent the past week completing the 3 levels of Dr Dispenza’s workshop.


By the end of night one, he validated everything I have worked towards over the past two years.


He confirmed you CAN change your physical body by using your thoughts and feelings. Now you can understand my excitement as this man is one of the world’s leading neuroscientists.



He told us about one study conducted with individuals who suffered with the most common type of diabetes.


Japanese scientists studied a group 19 Type-2 Diabetes participants over two days. On day one, after a meal, they were shown a humourless lecture. The next day, they did the same thing except instead of a humourless lecture, they were shown a Japanese comedy.


The results showed the blood sugar levels were reduced after watching the comedy.


What’s the significance of this?


Without getting too science nerd on you….this study is just one of many that prove the benefits of positive emotions.


Dr Dispenza has spent years studying this. He has found positive emotions such as happiness and love can actually change the genetic code of your body.


This was further confirmed when a beautiful woman who attended the workshop stood up and told her story. And she told it so eloquently….


This particular lady suffered from a genetic disorder which resulted in her becoming a prisoner in her own home. She suffered from severe anxiety and OCD just to name a few!


With much effort, she has overcome her “genetic” condition.


How did she do it?


She simply ‘changed her mind!’


She focused on believing in a life greater than her current existence.


She allowed herself to feel the feelings of that new life so much so that she truly believed the new life to be her truth.


The result, chemical messages were sent from her brain to every cell of her body literally changing the genetic coding.


A number of studies have been conducted on identical twins that also prove this to be true.


A series of identical twins had their chromosomes tested at 3 years old. It was practically identical, of course. The same test was conducted 50 years later. The result…the genetic code of each twin had changed based on the experiences they had during their life.


One twin lived a nice life and had a very healthy genetic code. The other twin had suffered a number of hardships so had activated different areas of the chromosome leaving himself open to more disease and ‘genetic’ conditions.

Here is a great clip that explains it beautifully for you.

YouTube Preview Image


So what does this mean for you?


This means, if you are using your ‘genes’ as an excuse for the way you look or feel, then change your genes!


Think and more importantly, feel, positive emotions so much so that it becomes a habit and you will influence which parts of your genes will be turned on and turned off.


Just like a light switch!


This is the very basis behind Think for Fitness.


You CAN become fit and healthy simply by using your mind to create it.


Many studies have proven this to be true also but enough of the geeky stuff for now… I will leave that for another day…another blog…