The Easiest Way to Health, Wealth, Love, Career and Psychic Ability

There is much written about the power we posses to change our life through our thoughts. Although much is written, the application of this information has proven a little difficult to more people than myself! I have however recently stumbled upon the easiest way to achieve whatever you desire in life, including the motivation to improve your health!

How many others out there have a gazillion books on their bookshelf that they just ‘had’ to buy but haven’t got around to reading yet? Well I am certainly one of them. My library is huge and although I am making a dent in it, it grows almost weekly!

Every now and then I feel an overwhelming urge to read a particular book in my library. Recently I picked up the book I purchased over a year ago at Doreen Virtue’s Angel Intuitive course. It’s called Divine Magic and it provides a short, concise, easy to understand version of The Kybalion .

The Kybalion is a hermetic philosophy that screams obvious wisdoms that are so simple, yet we fail (or forget!) to apply them.

This book, Divine Magic, dropped the most unexpected simplistic brilliance on me that I just had to share it with you.

When it comes to manifesting your health, wealth, career, love or psychic abilities, it is as simple as using your imagination in this way:

Picture this – a bar for each of the headers: health, love, career, money and psychic ability. This bar runs from bottom to top. The bottom hosts the lowest vibration which is usually negative.

 For example, money has two poles (as in polarity – otherwise known as opposites) and they are poverty (lowest vibration) and prosperity (highest vibration). Love also has two poles – love and hate. Obviously hate is the lowest vibration but nonetheless they are on the same bar.

Here is a picture to show you clearly what I mean:

Once you have a picture of these bars in your mind. Take each one and look for where your marker is on each bar. If it is not at the top, use your will and just like a thermometer, see the marker rising to the highest vibration. As you are doing this, you should begin to feel your mood elevate in reference to the topic.

There is no reason you cannot have your marker at the very top of each and every bar. All you have to do is will it there. Once it is there, visualize a lock around the marker to prevent it from slipping down.

In reference to health, it makes perfect sense that if you are constantly keeping your thoughts, feelings therefore vibration at the highest level of health, then there is no reason for you not to feel motivated to stay healthy in whatever way possible!

Obviously there is a lot more in The Kybalion that you need to understand to fully grasp this concept, such as the definition of ‘vibration’ however this is a great example of how easy it can be if we choose it.

I for one am visualizing my bar every day from now on and I feel GREAT!!!

Check out the levels on your bar and let me know what has changed for you now that you have pushed them to the top….