Embarrassing Bodies and Michelle Bridges. What on Earth Could They Have in Common?

Let me just say, I spend hours a week toning and tightening my body, eating well, staying fit and making sure I drink enough water each day to flush out the toxins. Having said all that, I still have my days where I feel as though I could be a subject on the TV show, Embarrassing Bodies.

As a result of falling victim to the “embarrassing body” syndrome this week, I have learned something I believe will become an incredibly powerful coaching tool.

The good news for you is that I love to share so I would like to let you in on it this little pearl of wisdom.

Before I share the pearl of wisdom however, you need to know a little about the story…and we all love a good story…right?

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I needed to find my “person”. Your “person” is that someone you look to for inspiration, motivation and who sets the standard for how you want to live your life.

 I decided upon my “person”. This decision was not made it haste. I have been searching for this “person” for some time. They had strict criteria to adhere to and seeing as I set very high standards for myself, this “person’s” standards needed to exceed mine.

I finally decided that my “person” is Michelle Bridges.

(Michelle Bridges – The Age, Trainers Fatten Up in New Biggest Loser, 29 Jan 2011)

Since that decision, I have been asking myself a very important question many times a day. I ask it before I get out of bed, before I eat, before I finish eating, before, during and after I exercise. That question is…..”What would Michelle do?”

As a result of asking this question, the past couple have weeks have been nothing short of AMAZING!

I went out Saturday night for the first time in a long, long, looooong time and I have never had so many compliments. A BIG thanks to Michelle for that one!

So everything was going swimmingly and I was happier with my body than I had ever been…..and then it happened!

I was struck down with a serious case of embarrassing body syndrome. Yes, I woke up bright and early Sunday morning with a HUGE cold-sore on my face. It wasn’t even on my lip. For the first time in my life it was smack bang next to my cheek. How embarrassing!

(This is not my cold-sore by the way….just an image for visual effect…)

My first reaction was to never ever leave the house for as long as this disgusting ugly thing exists. But then I started to ask myself the question….”What would Michelle do?”

The answer I decided was, “she would hold her head high, fill herself with even more confidence and gusto and she would go out and face the world and laugh about this big chunk of crust hanging off her face.”

So that is what I did. Although I have had the question, “what’s on your face?” I have soldiered on and stayed proud of me.

So the point of this blog is to ask you, do you ever feel embarrassed about your body?

If the answer is yes, let me inform you of my little pearl of wisdom for this week……

”Your body is a gift. Be proud of it no matter what because we are so fortunate to have one. When you are confident and you love who you are, very few people see the embarrassing bits. They only see you! The real you….and that is ALWAYS beautiful!”

The most amazing thing I experienced this week is that not many people actually noticed I had the world’s largest cold-sore. Most people didn’t notice until I brought it up and said, “hey, don’t mind the growth on my face. It’s only temporary…ha ha ha”

Shine as brightly as you can my friends. Allow people to see the beauty in you. Don’t shy away, hunch your shoulders or walk with your head down. Look up, smile, see the world and the beauty that is within and around you.

Love yourself just the way you are. I figure, with cold-sore in tow, things can only get better….AND I will have a new found appreciation for my face once it is back to normal.

P.S I send gratitude to my beloved cold-sore for teaching me to appreciate me just the way I am.

P.P.S I send gratitude to Michelle Bridges – I am loving the new bod!