Have You Hit The Wall?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s fitness, business, family or career. At some point, we all hit the wall and we can’t seem to find a way out.

Maybe you have hit a plateau in your weight loss attempt and you can’t seem to break through it or maybe you are plagued with constant injury…


Maybe your business has stalled and you can’t seem to break through to the next level or maybe the communication in your relationship has broken down and you just can’t seem to get it together.


At the moment I am plagued with a very painful hamstring injury. This has come at a time where I am training harder than ever.


I have a half marathon coming up in July and I am working hard to achieve a black belt in Taekwondo within 3 years (I have only just started this journey!).


Now that I finally have a goal post…I have been set back by this blasted injury!


Initially I set out to just ignore the pain. Suck it up and get through it. Even though I know better than this….hey, I am still human…


The result…..


I can barely walk each morning as I get out of bed so how on earth am I going to run 20km?


As I was driving to a strength and conditioning class last night, I was listening to a rather profound marketing podcast. The person being interviewed said, “Are you an A+ or an F. There is no in-between because if you are not an A+ then you might as well be an F.”

These words may seem a little harsh but they struck a cord with me. So much so I felt like the next big hit single was playing in my chest as I absorbed the meaning of these words.


I was not being an A+ in my behavior. I was letting my body down by training hard without nurturing the very muscles that allowed me to do so.


That’s like continuing to fill your drink bottle with water from the manual water filter and never filling it up. Eventually it runs dry and there is nothing left for you to drink…


My body had run dry…it needed help.


With my new A+ mindset in sight, I began to think a little differently and I changed my priorities.


This morning, I took active steps towards my recovery. I made this a priority over my exercise.


I took the blinkers off. Before last night I was staring at the goal post I was trying to reach without even blinking. The result….a big fat brick wall!


Now the blinkers are off and I am behaving as an A+ once again.


I began to think about this a little deeper and something that I have always known reappeared in my mind – it doesn’t matter whether it is your health, career or your relationships, you can apply this A+ principle to get through any big fat brick wall you just hit!


So here is my rundown of how to apply this into your life and get the most out of each and every day:


  1. Before you even get out of bed…decide to be an A+ today. Brush your teeth like an A+, dress like an A+, stand like an A+ (no, this doesn’t mean bend over and look like an A literally!!!)
  2. Acknowledge the brick wall you have just hit. Become aware of it’s existence so you can start to find solutions. Open your mind to other options.
  3. Take action! Start working towards that solution with an A+ attitude.
  4. Relax! Bit by bit you are either breaking down the wall or finding an alternative route around it.


Ahhh, now don’t you feel better  😀