Get the AMAZING benefits of exercise regardless of your mobility, size or motivation level.

Think for Fitness is a series of audio and DVD visualization programs developed by Wendy Bentley that enables YOU to feel the joy and benefits of exercise and live a physically active life.

It’s simple, easy and convenient to do and Think for Fitness can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home.

  • ATHLETE: Want to experience optimal performance (athlete / body sculpter) without the injuries or pain? – add this essential mental element to BUST THROUGH the physical barrier and blow your competition away!
  • TIRED OR UNMOTIVATED: Slept in and missed your morning workout? No problem. Download a program and do it on the train, in your lunchbreak or while you are laying in bed!
  • DISABILITY: Suffering from a disability or illness? Then Think for Fitness is the ideal option for you – you don’t need to move to do this!
  • INJURED: Suffering from an injury? Maintain a fitness program that keeps you in shape mentally and physically .

How can Think for Fitness help you?

Perhaps you want to gain additional physical or mental benefits in your life such as:

  • improved mobility
  • muscular and bone strength
  • reduced blood pressure
  • increased metabolism
  • alleviate severe depression
  • reduced body fat
  • increased circulation
  • improved cardiovascular capability
  • improved immune system
  • release of endorphins which are feel good and natural pain killing hormones

Listen to what Doctor Michael has to say about the programs:

YouTube Preview Image


Sam Riggio and K from Connect with Spirit have used the program. Here’s what they have to say about it:


Think for Fitness programs include:

Think for General Health and Wellbeing

Sit back and relax while you are taken through a full body workout in a beautiful park setting.

Of course it is a perfect sunny day and you will feel the sun shining down to keep you warm as you move your body in your imagination.

You will be left feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Think for Cardio

Close your eyes and get ready to run like the wind!

Think you can't run? Think again.....

This program will take you to the beach. This beach can be as perfect as you desire!

Expand your lungs and get your heart pumping during this visualization.

Think for Strength

Get ready to flex those muscles and build your strength!

Relax and visualize your surroundings as you reach your full strength potential.

By the end of this visualization workout, you will feel strong, powerful and ready to take on the world!

Think for Flexibility

Ensuring your muscles are long and loose is just as important, if not more so, than strength!

Imagine yourself in a beautiful part as you nurture your joints and muscles.

This visualization will help you to feel young and healthy and flexible.

Think for Resistance Training

If you like the thought of working out with others then this one is for you!

Imagine yourself working your entire body with a group of other participants.

Feel the energy of the other imaginary participants lift you up as you soar through a circuit style workout.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of this powerful workout!

Think for Body Fat Reduction

Sit back and relax while you melt the fat away.

This is not a workout. It is a healing session.

One that will improve your confidence and the health of every cell in your body.

Let your imagination take you to a place where you are filled with beautiful, loving light.

Think for Fitness is based on proven concepts that have been around for centuries. You can benefit from Think for Fitness regardless of your physical ability and circumstances.

Take control of your life NOW through a guided journey to optimum health and wellbeing.