How To Achieve Your Health, Fitness or Weight Loss Goal

DID YOU KNOW: 73% of people who set fitness goals (particularly as new years resolution) give them up before meeting their goal…

Has this ever been you?

If so, don’t you think now is a good time to make that goal a reality?

Recently I have been chatting with an incredible woman who is living each day with cancer, is having treatment and continues to get up each day and take another step towards her fitness goals.

So what is your goal and what is the first step you are going to take to make it a reality?

Maybe you want to compete in an event such as Tough Mudder or a Triathlon….

Maybe you would like to complete that fun run whether it be a 5km walk or a 10km run…or even a marathon!

Maybe you would like to finally discover the true person that lies within you and you want to show it and see it in your physical body…

Or…maybe you want to make your kids proud and give them an AMAZING example of how a healthy mind and body can shape your world…

So here’s what to do:

STEP 1 – Decide your goal and be specific – what, when, why, how (write down the Specific goal, Measure it – how will you know when it is done?, Achievable…make sure it is within your believability, Results orientated – it must have a result at the end of it, Timed – when will this be done by? – this is known as SMART goals.

STEP 2 – Work backwards and map out exactly what steps you are going to take to make this goal a reality ie – what do you need to think? Who do you need to be to achieve this goal? What training will you do and when? What food do you need to keep you fueled and on fire? What do you need to move around in your life to make this happen? What will each day look like? How can you make better use of your time?

STEP 3 – Gather the resources you will need to take your first steps towards achieving this goal. For some, it’s starting with your thoughts, for others it’s a coach to keep you accountable and for others it may be hiring a trainer, joining a team, organizing childcare etc.

STEP 4 – Stop thinking about it and START! Now your steps are mapped out, you have all the resources and knowledge you need – take that first step and don’t look back. Have laser focus, ‘feel’ the outcome as if it already exists and have unwaivering belief that it is already done!

If you want to save time and get started sooner rather than later…the Think For Fitness Program is a ready to go program to take you from unmotivated and uninspired to taking INSPIRED action…but be warned…this will improve ALL areas of your life and turn you into a goal achieving, focused, motivated machine! So do this program ONLY if you desire that outcome! It’s about far more than just motivation. It’s a game-changer!