How To Run Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible…Discover the secret to running!

 Run, Run, Run!

You are about to discover the world’s most effective running program and the best bit….master it once, even for a short time, and you will have access to it for a lifetime!

That’s right! A lifetime!

But first, I want to tell you a little, but true, story….

“You are mad mum! Why on earth would you EVER want to run that far? It’s just wear and tear on your body and you will end up and old cripple! I will never run that far. 3km is more than enough and never more than 5km!”

You’ll never guess who said that…

I am embarrassed to admit, it was me!

Oh, how times have changed.

Looking back, I can’t believe those words came out of my mouth.

I remember many years ago struggling to run that 3.3km run in the small country town of Glengarry, Victoria.

I used to think it was SO hard! And back then, to me, it was. There’s nothing wrong with a run that distance being hard. Running any distance is a great feat!

Many years later, in fact 2 decades later, I added another 10km to that run and I have never felt better! Last Sunday I completed a tough 13.5km fun run and smashed my expected finish time by nearly 12 minutes! Read on to find out how I did it…

My running attempts over the years have been sporadic. My above infamous statement was made at the ripe old age of 14 when I was training for a netball grand final.

I would spend a period of time, say 3-6 months, attempting to run, get injured then stop and then begin the age-old battle of ‘trying’ to get back into it.

Getting out the door was always so hard!

Then the same old cycle would start again….

Out I would go for my run, the elements would hit me – wind, rain, sun, cold. It all made it so much harder to keep going.

You’ve felt this way, right?

It wasn’t until I hit my 30’s that I finally matured as a runner and figured out the ‘secret’ to running.

I heard it said many times before but I never really understood how to apply it.

Well last Sunday I not only applied it….I nailed it!

I tested every aspect of this ‘secret’ and the result… personal best run. The best result I have ever achieved in my entire 20 years of running! Incredible!

I ran the Puffing Billy Great Train Race. How did I feel when I crossed the finished line?

Words cannot describe the sensation…it was pure, unadulterated ineffable bliss!

So what is the secret?

The fact is – running is a mind game.

The secret is – visualization will win that game.

I always knew this but applying it was another matter.

To apply this principle takes a discipline greater than getting out the door but once you open the door, it becomes easier and easier to access.

Here is your step by step guide to getting in the ‘zone’ and run way better than you ever thought possible:

1. Decided exactly what you would like your body to do for you.
2. Have a little chat with your body. Tell it what you want it to do. It needs to know this because your mind it going elsewhere! For example; “Legs, I really need you to stay strong and take small quick steps. Stay at a fast consistent pace. Lungs, I need you to take even, regular breaths and fill every cell with oxygen so my muscles work efficiently. Ears, alert me of any cars or danger during my run. Feet, etc, etc.” This may sound strange but I swear it works. It works so well for me, at times my body can barely keep up with my own legs!
3. Pick a place in front of you to stare at. If you are in a race, it may be a person in front of you. If you are just out running, consciously switch on your peripheral vision then pick a distance in front of you to look at. This is focus. Focus on a distance or object and allow your subconscious mind to absorb all that is going on around you.
4. Take deep even breaths as you focus. Set your breathing rhythm.
5. Now relax into the run. Don’t think about the fact you are running. Just allow your body to flow as you relax into it.

6. Feel light. Lift your weight up and feel as though you are floating forward. Feel as though you are as light as a feather.

7. Remain in the zone! You know you are there when all pain, discomfort and negative self-talk leave your mind and you enter a state of thoughtlessness.

8. Allow your mind to drift to a place where you are winning! Imagine you are running a race and you are in first place. Think of how proud you will feel and the reaction of the people who love you. Really indulge in the experience. Feel the feelings of elation, success, achievement and let them drive you forward faster and faster! This final step is the one that will up the anti every time! Visualization is powerful and it WILL bring you REAL results you previously only dreamed of!

Give it a go for yourself. It may take a few attempts to really find that ‘zone’ but once you are in it, trust me, you will know!

I would love to hear all about YOUR amazing results!