How To Stay Focused In A Crisis (ok may be dramatised but a GREAT story!)

What a week!

I never fail to learn something massive during a term at taekwondo…you know…one of those big light bulb moments that expands your mind just a little more…

Well this lesson came about at the very end of term…at grading.

As an ex police officer…I am fully aware you never know how you will perform or what you will do in a crisis until it happens. While in the police force…I was always quite clear and calm and went to water later.

I wasn’t…however…ever in the middle of an ‘examination’ when I was searching for a gun wielding criminal or similar on the beat.

But Saturday’s grading provided me with a different reference point for performing in an almost crisis situation.

We were half way through our grading and I was beginning to feel a little more relaxed as this one was the most nerve-wracking of all for me – I kept stuffing up my pattern (a series of moves put together in – almost like a dance – that is done in a certain way).

After completing a series of kicks I turned to look at one of the other students and noticed she looked as though she was going to pass out.

After swiftly grabbing her, she began to dry-wretch so I rushed her to the bathroom just in time for her to collapse in my arms.

I could barely hold her up and was fearful of her head smashing into the tiles so I called out for help.

Once she was safely on the ground I expected an instant recovery….it seemed like an eternity before she came to….very scary moment.

But….I stayed perfectly calm and clear in the moment…until…..

“Wendy, you’re up for pattern!”

Holey crap! What is it again? How do I start? Ok…what do I know about staying focused under pressure….right….got it….I just have to take my time and breathe!

So that’s what I did.

And as soon as I did….it all came flooding back and I did the best pattern of any grading without a single mistake. Of course technique could always improve but I got the steps right so hey…I am super happy with that!

So what do you do when you know you have to focus and you have bombs going off around you? Do you get sucked into the vortex of drama or do you breathe and refocus so you can move forward in the direction you know you need to go?

One to think about….