You have just purchased your Think for Fitness Program and you are now on your way to a lifetime of

thinking and feeling fit, healthy and energetic!

You will see below a series of icons that link to a video of each of the programs you have purchased.

These videos provide a tool for you to be able to visualize each program with knowledge and accuracy.

It is important to ensure you watch each video and listen to the instructions to help you make the most

of your new program. They are short and sweet so it won’t take up too much of your time.

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Wendy Bentley


Instructional Videos:



It’s really important you take the time to watch the introduction video first.

This video will tell you all you need to know to make the most of your program.

Grab yourself a cuppa, coffee or hot chocolate and prepare to be amazed with the information I share here.



Now you have a good understanding of how the program works, make your way through each video.

Simply click on the relevant icon and you will be taken to the download and instructional video page.

You will be emailed access to the next program when it is time for you to add another element to your training (every 3 weeks).

These videos will provide you with a clear understanding of exactly what you need to be visualizing.

This will ensure you receive the best possible outcome from the program.


Click on the first program – Think for Body Fat Reduction to be taken to the audio and instructional video.

Once you receive access to the subsequent program…you can simply click the link in the email OR return to this page at any time, click on the relevant icon, enter the password provided in the email and you will have full access to the previous and the new program.


Introduction Track



Think for Body Fat Reduction



Think for General Health and Wellbeing


Think for Cardio



Think for Strength



Think for Flexibility





Think for Body Bootcamp (Resistance Training)


Listen to your audio programs DAILY.

Have fun with this and remember…..your thoughts and feelings create your reality!