Welcome to your Cardio Training!

You have been establishing an AMAZING and POWERFUL habit over the past 7 weeks. How are you feeling?

Do you BELIEVE the new you already exists? I hope so…if you have been doing your program daily…you will!

Now…it’s time to change it up a bit.

Cardio training is essential for a well rounded training program and to kick your metabolism into gear!

The interesting thing about cardio is it is more a mind game than any other style of training.

If you were to go for a run…you would spend the first 10 minutes convincing yourself it’s too hard…then the next 10 minutes convincing yourself you need to stop….

Successful runners, cyclists and swimmers spend their training thinking far better, more positive thoughts.

Interestingly…cardio, once mastered, is highly addictive because it releases natural happy, pain relieving hormones known as endorphins. You just may release them with this program. The trick is…to really FEEL the feelings of doing the program physically.

So let’s get started…

This program is based around a run/walk on a beautiful beach.

The instructional video below was created by Level One Triathlon coach – David Brown and is a fantastic example of sand running.

This video will give you a great understanding of running in soft sand as well as on hard sand closer to the ocean.

Do this program every second day for three weeks. The alternate days continue to do your Body Fat Reduction and General Health and Wellbeing programs.


Think for Cardio AUDIO DOWNLOAD