Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation – Review

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Michelle Bridges is one of my personal idols. And I don’t do idols easily. It takes a lot to impress me!


I have bought every one of Michelle’s books on exercise and nutrition and I have her DVD collection – one of which is deceivingly challenging – The Shredder!


So given Michelle is someone I do admire so much. I decided to start with her BUT I promise to give you an unbiased review that you can apply to your life and see if it fits for you.


The Lowdown


Michelle Bridges 12WBT is, obviously, a 12 week program aimed and getting you fitter than you already are and most definitely slimmer!


The entire program is conducted online and is launched numerous times a year.


The ‘launch’ scenario means a group of people will be doing the challenge together – that is, whoever signed up before the cut-off date.


This means you have a whole team of people doing the challenge with you and you are able to communicate with them through the online forum and facebook site.


Often people in similar locations connect and actually work out together.


It really is a great definition of virtual personal training!


Let’s now get stuck into the juicy bits!


The Best Bits



The website is extremely user friendly and uses a really visually pleasing platform.


The weekly icons work brilliantly by showing all the options available to click on just by hovering over each week’s icon.


You have every piece of information you need at your fingertips with videos of each exercise and clear explanations of how to do each one. You have options of reading, watching a video or photos. It really covers every angle.


Overall it’s simple, smart, intuitive and fun to use. Michelle has obviously invested a great deal of time and money into the functionality of this site.


Exercise Program:

This program provides you with a whole range of program options. You can choose to train as a beginner, to get fit and strong, fit and lean, there is a pregnancy option AND a ½ marathon training program.


The options are great but the best bit is you can choose whether you want a program for at home, outdoors or at the gym. This makes for a really functional virtual program that literally everyone can use anywhere!



The nutritional plan is quite well thought out with options for pregnancy, males with ‘leftover’ meals to save time.


Every week has a ‘shopping list’ and the option to print out the menu as well as the recipes separately.


This would work really well if you are lucky enough to have an ipad or android to save on paper.


Value for Money:

I do think you get more than your money’s worth here. For $199 you really do get what you pay for and then some.


At the conclusion of the 12 weeks you are invited to celebrate your success at an end of transformation dinner. This is an additional cost however Michelle Bridges actually attends the event – this is a huge bonus.


The one thing I am unsure of at this stage is if there is a level of service after completion of the 12 weeks but so far so good!


The Less Than Best Bits:



To be honest, I really can’t fault the website. It’s quite brilliant and most certainly innovative.


The interaction on the interactive facebook page is a great bonus and encourages conversation. Michelle actually gets on the page and posts about specific people and events so you know she is keeping an eye on what’s going on.



The programs are great however for my liking, I prefer a little less leg extension and hamstring curl action as these particular gym machines are less fun and effective than other options. This is nothing that can’t be substituted with an at home or outdoor option so it’s not really an issue.


Also, some of the sessions can be long so you have to be organized if you have kiddies. The Super Saturday Session can stretch out to 1.5-2 hours. It’s only once a week so most people will be able to sustain this and really, if you can only do half of that…it’s better than nothing!



This is the area that is the biggest issue for most people no matter what their nutritional plan.


As with all weight loss programs, you have to be super organized but the shopping list provided makes this really easy.


The most challenging part here is the shopping list can be quite expensive AND when you are buying 3 types of lettuce per week and only using minimal amounts of each it can get a little tedious. Especially when you have a family to feed and are trying to stay within a budget.


Some products can only be purchased in certain sizes so there is quite a bit of waste.


The other downfall of the nutritional plan is the calories. For me, it is not enough as I do a lot of physical activity so I personally struggle with the hunger factor on this one. The menu does provide an option for upping the calories however it would be great to have an option based on the level of daily activity.


For a very large person attempting this plan, they would be dropping their daily calorie intake dramatically and suddenly so this may not be a great nutritional plan for them to start with unless they have an awesome level of discipline.


This nutritional plan does promote high level of weight loss over the 12 week period however it’s not optimal for longevity due to the low daily calories. It would be up to you learn how to manage your energy in v’s energy out to maintain your new body.




This program will give you awesome value for money and it will give you results.


It is inspiring and makes it as easy as possible for you to stick to.


I feel there is little to improve on here. It is user friendly, full of good information and worth every cent.


My score 9/10


Next month I will be reviewing Tiffany Hall’s – Weightloss Warrior


Stay tuned…