How to Overcome Your Challenges. A story of about a win, a loss and an idol…Michelle Bridges.


Have you ever been super excited about something just to have your bubble burst soon after? So what did you do? Did you say something like, “Nothing ever goes my way!” ask your self, “Why me?” or did you smile to yourself and continue to know that everything is going to turn out just fine?

Here’s a little story that just may change the way you deal with these win/loss experiences in the future…

I just knew I was going to win it. I don’t know why but I just knew. For about a year now I have been telling everyone that would listen that I was going to meet Michelle Bridges one day. I even sought out people who have met their idols and asked them how they did it. Remember Megan Castran? The lady who had Oprah turn up on her doorstep in Melbourne last year?

I was lucky enough to speak to Megan about how she met her idol, Oprah Winfrey. It was only 1 year after that conversation I finally met my idol. I surpassed just meeting my idol….I was trained by her! Although I may say this as though it happened like it was a dream…it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

It all started when I was asked how I stay motivated with my fitness by a fellow attendee at a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Course I recently completed. I told everyone that I chose someone who I thought was the pinnacle of health and fitness both physically, mentally and in her career and I ask myself, “Would Michelle Bridges do that, eat that, drink that etc?” Then I act based on that answer. I basically think like a person who does it better than me.

Luckily for me, one of the NLP trainers, Lloyd Johnson took this on board. Not long after the course, Lloyd sent me an email he received from a sporting retailer offering the opportunity to win a training session with Michelle Bridges.

I knew I had to enter this competition. I was absolutely going to win. I felt it in my bones! The competition required me to purchase $100 worth of Adidas clothing. At the time, my husband’s work was on strike and we had no income for 2 whole months. As I am building a business, my income didn’t count for much! $100 at that time was the difference between food on the table and going hungry!

I quickly made a decision that went against all common logic….I went out and spent $100 on Adidas clothing so I could enter the competition.

The day after I entered the competition, I wore my new Adidas top to my Body Pump class that I was teaching at the time and I proudly announced to all participants, “Hey everyone, this is my lucky top. Want to know why? Because I am going to win a trip to meet and be trained by Michelle Bridges because I bought this top.” The response was a few chuckles, sniggers and blank stares. I knew at this point that I just entered the place where dreams come true. Why? Because I truly believe I WAS going to win!

Many weeks passed and I continued to tell my BodyPump class that I will let them know when I win.

One day, about 2 months later, I received a phone call. “Wendy you have just won the competition to meet and be trained by Michelle Bridges. In addition, you will receive an Adidas outfit and shoes!” WOW!!!! I did it!! My belief paid off!!!

I was so excited. You know that excitement that you had the night before Christmas when you were a young child? The one that almost takes your breath away. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

The most exciting part was that it wasn’t just for me….I could take my husband! It was for two people! We were both to be flown to Sydney with accommodation paid for by Adidas. Bonus!

The weeks passed and it was the weekend before the trip. My husband decided to go out for a motorbike ride on the Saturday. Much to my dismay, he came home limping like a one-legged pirate. How on earth was he going to do a training session with Michelle Bridges on Tuesday?

Less than 24 hours later, I was on the phone to the airline cancelling my husband’s flight. It was less than a day before we were to go. I was still going but without my hubby. After the challenging couple of months we just had, we really wanted, no, needed this trip! Now I was going without him.

Oh well I thought, I will ask a friend to come.

It was with great excitement that my girlfriend accepted the invitation to take Dave’s place. Only problem was…it was school holidays and return flights were astronomically expensive. My friend could not afford the ticket. Oh well I thought again, let’s do a road trip!!!

So we did! That night, my friend and I packed the car and took off on our mammoth 10-hour drive. After 10 hours of driving through the night, we pulled over on the side of the highway about 100km out of Sydney. We locked the doors, took the key out of the ignition and closed our eyes for a little nap.

An hour and a half later, we awoke to find our car would not start. We couldn’t even get a click from turning the key. Oh NO!!! After 10 hours of driving through the night and one hour sleep in a small cramped car, we just wanted to get to the hotel.

My friend had very limited funds as she had some challenges of her own so the idea of paying for a tow or any other alternative was more than she could afford.

What did we do? I decided to do the same thing as I did to win the competition in the first place. I took serious action with the absolute belief that we would be just fine!

I had an A4 notepad in the car and a pen. I wrote a note on it in big bold letters saying, “NEED A JUMP START” and with that, my friend and I stood on the side of the highway with our sign, jumping up and down like crazy people. We did this for about 40 minutes. We received a few toots, a lot of laughs and not much else.

My friend was becoming quite distressed. She knew she couldn’t afford to pay to get her car fixed. It was at this point I shared with her the art of “letting go”.

Letting go of the things you want the most is THE quickest way to bring them into your life. I have proven this to myself over and over. My friend’s biggest question was, “But how?”

I answered her with, “you let go any number of ways. If you are visual and you like to see things or imagine them to understand it, then imagine yourself putting your desire in a box and allow it to float up to the clouds. You know you have truly let go when you begin to feel relief.”

My friend took a moment, closed her eyes and then began to laugh. I knew at that point she had truly let go of the desperation for someone to help us. Not 5 minutes later we were both laughing madly as a car pulled up to help us.

About an hour later, our car was humming nicely and we were on our way. We drove straight to an auto-electrician who tested all parts of the car only to find there was nothing wrong with it! Even the battery tested perfect!

So what was the purpose of this? I am figuring we were both just given a wonderful opportunity. I was provided with the opportunity to teach what I know about letting go and my friend was given the opportunity to learn it.

We finally made it to Sydney, 16 hours after we left! It was a mammoth drive!  Thankfully I left on a Sunday and the training wasn’t until the Tuesday.

After another 2 hours sleep in our wonderfully comfortable hotel room, we dragged ourselves out for dinner. The day came and went and before I knew it, it was my lucky day. I was about the meet my idol.

Michelle Bridges was even more delightful than I expected. She was so lovely, beautiful, incredibly fit and healthy and so passionate about what she does! Her energy was huge, her motivation pushed us all to our limits and she was incredibly generous with her time.

I am working hard to get arms just like Michelle!!

My dream came true only 1 year after asking how to make it happen. Did I have to do anything in particular to make this happen? Yes of course. I continued to believe that I was going to meet my idol and when the opportunity arose to meet her, I took strong, decisive action to make sure I entered the competition. But ultimately, it was my unwavering belief that made it happen. I did not let ANYTHING stop me. There were no excuses, just action.

  • I spent $100 when I didn’t know when my next dollar was going to hit the bank;
  • I went on the trip regardless of my husband’s decision to go motorbike riding and hurt his knee and;
  • I stayed focused on knowing help would arrive to ensure we made it to Sydney regardless of the seemingly hopeless situation we found ourselves in.

So what’s in this story for you? Plenty….

–       think of something you truly desire and hold unwavering belief that it is your reality.

–       You know your belief is unwavering when you feel relief because then you have officially made it your reality.

You can apply this to anything you desire. From meeting your idol to losing weight to healing from illness or injury. Apply this powerful principle and change your life for the better! It sure has changed mine!