Until now…health and fitness has been a constant struggle, hasn’t it?

You are constantly bombarded with information about what to do and what not to do?

There is so much information out there that even the professionals question what to do!

I know this because I am a fitness professional and I spent years learning how to overcome my own body issues for good!



Christmas 1993 - Overweight and Unhappy

Look at me now...caught in action!

I grew up in the fitness industry. I have studied every diet ‘fad’, every exercise ‘fad’ and I have been around long enough to see thong leotard, leg warmers and skin coloured legging fashions come and go!

It’s time to forget all the ‘garbage’ information out there and learn the TRUTH about health and fitness.

The fact is there is only ONE thing that will cause you to become healthy and it does NOT start with exercise!

On the next page you will learn EXACTLY what causes you to become healthy, fit and fabulous!

And it’s easier than you think……

You will also be inspired by Sam Riggio who has overcome the impossible! If he can do what he has done…you can do ANYTHING!

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Wendy Bentley

Creator and Founder