The Biggest Loser Proves It!

I have been watching the latest series of The Biggest Loser with great interest for a particular reason…a reason most others may not think of.

Margie proved me right to watch for this ‘particular reason’ a few weeks ago when she stated: “I can do the exercise, I can do the nutrition, but it’s the MIND that really gets you!”

Credit to KROMKRATHOG for image

I wanted to jump through the TV right then and start teaching them how to train their minds. How to apply the Think for Fitness principles.

It was only a few days before this episode I was wondering exactly what the trainers are doing to train the ‘minds’ of the participants. What mental skills are they developing to keep them on track AFTER the show ends?

And if Margie didn’t provide enough confirmation that their mind is their greatest challenge….Brenda, as I type this post is asked, “What has been the biggest challenge in this competition?”

Her answer…

“My mind!”

Eamon Sullivan – Olympic gold medalist followed up with yet another confirmation that it is the right ‘mental’ stuff that will get you through.

To put a cherry on top….Natalie Cook, another Olympic Gold Medalist tells Kasey, “You weight 75kg NOW…you are just waiting for the scales to catch up!”

The TRUTH of it all is this:

“Exercise DOES NOT make you fit! Your MIND does!” Wendy Bentley

Exercise is a positive symptom of your thoughts.

Your thoughts provide the desire and motivation to take action. The body then follows through with the mechanical application of the thoughts which provide the physical result.

Without the thoughts….the physical outcome is not possible!

What outcome are you thoughts creating?