Tiffany Hall – Weightloss Warrior Review



Tiffany Hall has a body to die for and a voice that makes you want to run away and hide! No offense Tiff, I don’t think that much of my own voice either. I do love however that she has the confidence to scream no matter how bad it sounds! As we know, confidence is sexy!

Tiffany Hall has – off the back of her TV success – published her own ‘battle of the bulge’ book.

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It is essentially a beginners guide to losing weight and keeping it off and it focuses on mindset.


The Lowdown


Tiffany is a massive advocate of the ‘no sugar’ lifestyle.


The biggest ‘no-no’ in Tiffany’s opinion is fructose. A sugar found in dried fruits, honey, sultanas, apples and pineapple (just to name a few).


She is also an advocate of ‘nude food’ meaning – eat foods that are in their natural state and stay away from processed options.


Tiffany backs up her theories with some solid, easy to understand, scientific literature.


The book is very Taekwondo orientated however it does not talk about martial arts so much as it uses the color of the belts to determine your level of progress through the book. She uses a lot of ‘metaphors’ such as ‘Ninja Newsflash’ and ‘warrior’.


Two thirds of the book is about mindset, habits, support and a very little bit about fitness. The focus of the book is really about overcoming negative thinking, bad nutritional habits and implementing new ones.



The Best Bits



The book is beautifully presented.


It is full of relevant photography of food, other people and some great photos of Tiffany herself.


The colors in the book are pleasing and the whole ‘warrior’ theme works well based on Tiffany’s background in Taekwondo.




The nutritional advice is sound and scientifically supported throughout the book.


It’s all basic commonsense stuff.


Eat clean and natural, eat proportionally, steer clear of sugars, eat good fats and avoid the bad ones.


The last two thirds of the book hosts a number of very healthy recipes and is supported by some awesome photography of the dishes.


The recipes are separated into breakfast, lunch and dinner options and quite honestly, they mostly look divine.


My favorite bit is her recipes are filled with ‘normal’ foods. Foods you can easily find in your pantry or at the local shop. You don’t have to take a trip to China Town or Little India to make them.


Most of the recipes are also relatively quick and I love she has included some ‘appetizing’ snack options.




This book is a nice addition to your collection however it doesn’t really cover any of the weight loss, exercise and food bases entirely.


You have a whole lot of information on ‘mindset’ – which in my opinion is the most important element. Then you are left with a tiny amount of physical exercise and a small number of recipes.


This book would do well with a nutritional plan incorporating the recipes.


On a marketing level, this book is a great introduction and leaves a big fat open door for future releases on the individual elements of exercise and nutrition. In fact, her latest book “Fatloss for Good” has just been released.


A review on this to come soon…


My score 7/10


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Next week we commence your 6 week Love Your Body series…stay tuned!