An Unexpected Healing Performed By Royalty And An Incredible Result! Part 1.

Before you read on, know there is a very good reason for the telling of this story and it is highly relevant so come along on the journey and enjoy this incredible experience.

My best buddy Shae lay on the floor of the Balinese room as the grandson of the Ubud king performed the most amazing healing I have ever seen. Tjokorda Gde Rai was 80 odd years old at the time of our healing and every bit an encyclopedia of healing  knowledge. I have to say, my meeting of this world renowned healer left me speechless, amazed and in awe of his very presence.

It was our second day in Bali and I was determined to have an amazing day. We found ourselves our driver for the trip and after much discussion and many misunderstandings, we finally conveyed to our driver we were on the hunt for a ‘holy man’.

Shae, Jefry the Driver and ME!


About an hour after leaving our hotel we ended up at the home of Kehtut Liyer. The medicine man, now world famous as a result of the Eat, Pray, Love phenomenon. (Check out my last blog to learn more about that amazing story!) He had a queue of people hours long to see him so after a short stroll around his tranquil home, we headed back to our little suzuki peoplemover.

Our driver Jefry was so excited about being hired he was working very hard to ensure we received the experience we were after. After getting in the car he excitedly announced with a huge cat-like grin on his face, “We go find more holy man?”. How could we say no? So off we went.

Another hour and many stops, twists and turns later, we found ourselves driving down a long driveway in what seemed to be nowhere in particular. Unlike Kehtut’s, there were no signs, no advertising and not even as much as an actual driveway but rather a vehicle made track.

Shae and I sat frozen, looking at each other wondering what on earth we had done. Where were we? As we pulled up, we slowly and sheepishly edged our way out of the vehicle. We saw a man standing under cover smoking a cigarette. He wasn’t Balinese.

Next thing we knew, we were inside the property and led to what seemed to be an outdoor Balinese room. On the tiled floor sat a man and a woman. Slowly we edged our way towards this room. The man looked at us stoned faced and pointed to the floor for us to sit.

We removed our shoes and promptly did what we were told. More than ever we were wondering what we had gotten ourselves into but we were too scared to even speak.

Soon enough an older Balinese man made his way to the main chair in the Balinese room. All I kept thinking was, “pick Shae first, please pick Shae first.” It worked because that is exactly what happened.

Before long Shae was sitting in front of this man. He asked her what she needed but it seemed she was lost for words.

Tjokorda Gde Rai

He proceeded to poke and prod her head and ears then he asked her to lie down. She did so and after making some interesting motions and drawing pictures above Shae’s body with his stick like pipe, he began to poke his stick into the sides of Shae’s toes. He hit a particular toe and Shae let out a yelp of pain. At this point I didn’t know whether to laugh or run away and cry like a little girl!

Out of the blue, Tjokorda announced something very personal to Shae that left her speechless and on the verge of tears. In one foul swoop he nailed the very core of her why she desired to see a healer in the first place and the truth of his words punched the wind right out of her.

Next Tjokorda instructed the scary pointing man to conduct number 1, 5, 7 on Shae. I sat with my mouth wide open watching what was happening. As this man’s toes where embedded into shae’s heels, he began to perform a breathing exercise and he made strange movements with his arms.

Suddenly, his right leg began to shake and I could literally feel the energy he was channelling. It was incredibly compelling and blew me away.

Before long, Tjokorda returned and once again poked Shae’s toes. To my absolute amazement, she didn’t even flinch. She looked at Tjokorda with a confused look of astonishment and announced, “it doesn’t hurt.”

Tjokorda nodded and announced a few more words of wisdom that were so accurate and relevant, it left Shae somewhat shaken and in shock. I knew she was heading for an emotional release that evening and I also knew it was the best thing that could happen to her.

Next it was my turn. By now I was beside myself with excitement and couldn’t wait to be healed.

Tune in next week to find out the result of my healing and why my life has never been the same since…