An unexpected Healing Performed By Royalty and an Incredible Result! Part 2.

Suddenly it was my turn. I was filled with anticipation, nerves, excitement and any other emotion you could possibly imagine. They ran through me within a split second. I stood up and walked over to this amazing man. I sat at his feet as he said, “And what is your problem?”

I am usually a pretty good talker however at this moment, I just couldn’t get the words out right. I said something like, “I want to teach therefore I need to learn.” He just smiled.

He turned me around and commenced the poking and prodding of my head and ears. His fingers worked fast all over my skull and he spent some time feeling around the area of my third eye chakra.

He reached my shoulders and stated that I hold much stress and asked if this stress came from family or husband or work. Although I was thinking all three, I said work. He said, “What else?” I said family, at that point he laughed.

He then proceeded to tell me something about myself that is so true that if my husband were there, he would have fallen down laughing.

He said, “You are stubborn and you talk too much!” This is all true however in my defence my stubbornness has gotten me results and my talking is going to be my career so I guess it’s not all bad! (I am the eternal optimist…).

I then lay down and Tjokorda Gde Rai commenced work with is little stick like pipe. I watched closely and with absolute awe as he waved his wand in all sorts of ways around and over my body.

Before I knew it he was at my toes, pressing in between them with what felt like all his force. I knew it wasn’t of course but it hurt like hell! Not so much on some toes but one particular toe, yes, just like my friend Shae that went before me, it almost sent me through the roof.

Before long I had my diagnosis. I was told that my left side (my logical side) was far removed from my right side (my creative side). This made perfect sense to me as I was spending a great deal of time feeling scattered and never really being able to reconcile a decision in my mind.

Tjokorda once again began waving his magic wand around my body and once again pushed on my toes. To my absolute amazement, there was no pain. I was beside myself with excitement!

I sat up and walked back to the students that observed from the edges of the room. I whispered to one if I could ask the healer some questions. I was told to go and ask. So I did.

I asked Tjokorda how long he had practiced healing, to which he replied, ”many, many years” with a laugh. It was wonderful to discover he had such a great sense of humour.

I then asked what modalities he practiced. To my surprise, he responded with, “many together.” He told me that he believes in bringing the modalities together as one. He said then there are many forms of modalities such as reiki and NLP however they war but to be truly powerful, I must bring them together as one.

This final statement was a profound moment for me. I have felt for some time that oneness is truly the key or the ‘secret’ to peace within our universe. It is the answer to health, happiness and healing. It is the answer to contentment and all the wonderful experiences we wish to have in life. Tjokorda confirmed this for me in a way that I had never felt before. Nothing had been surer in my life than the desire I felt for being a part of the journey to create oneness in this world at that moment.

Can you begin to imagine for a moment how the world would look and feel if we all accepted each other without judgement. No matter what your looks, no matter what your ability, no matter what your belief, can you begin to imagine if you were loved and void of judgement. What a freeing and peaceful world this would be.

I don’t mean to sound like a preacher here, but the thought of such a world was so wondrous to me that I feel an overwhelming desire to be a part of it.

Since my healing I have been able to find a peace within myself that was vacant before. I have had overwhelming desires to meditate often, to walk slowly (and believe me that’s a miracle in itself!) and the desire to just do nothing! (another miracle! Just ask my hubby!).

I feel as though I am making better decisions, I am believing in myself more than I ever have and I am taking steps forward as a result of intuition and gut feeling rather than due to my crazy thoughts.

I must finish by letting you in on the final thing Tjokorda said to me. He told me it is time to stop reading and start practicing. That is something that has challenged me for some time but I am going to do it.

2011 is set to be a great year and I am now throwing caution to the wind and I will be practising Think for Fitness one on one. I guess now only time will tell if he was right about that one…..