Why Britney Spears Needs To Spend Some Time With The New York Giants!

It’s no secret the vast majority of us struggle with weight loss and eating foods that are not supporting our desired body shape…

Britney Spears is no exception.

Britney Spears struggles with her weight loss planShe recently admitted to the struggle and her weakness for pizza!

In a recent interview she said: “It’s really hard (to cut down), but you know, you have to do it.”

It’s true…biologically, in order to lose weight we must put less calories in than we burn. It’s a simple equation…

But why does everyone believe it to be so HARD?

Is it really hard, or is it a self-fulfilling prophecy and a lack of the right mindset?

What if she spent some time visualising the outcome she desires, feeling as though it already exists, then feels ‘inspired’ to eat the right foods and take the action required to fit into the body she knows she has?

The New York Giants recently proved the power of positive thinking (but more to the point….feeling!).

The Giants had not won a single game this year until…..

They recently won against The Chiefs who had not lost a game all year!

The score….0-3!

That’s no small feat…..so what do they put it down to?


If it can cause a losing team to win against a powerhouse….imagine what it can do for you!