The Winter Workout You WILL Want To Do….

Yes…winter is well and truly here. It’s cold outside, often raining and the last thing you feel like doing is exercising, right?

Do you use winter as an “excuse” not to exercise? C’mon….be honest with me here. Do you? I will be strong and admit, I do at times. It’s too cold, too wet, too windy and quite frankly, I just can’t be bothered! Sound familiar?

Having grown up in the fitness industry, it would be fair to say I have fitness running through my veins. That being true, I still have days where the thought of pounding the pavement in weather so cold my snot begins to freeze, leaves me craving a hot chochie and a big fat casserole!

So what can you do about all this excuse making and procrastinating?

The answer is…….nothing! That’s right! Nothing! This article is not going to tell you to just ‘get over it’ and ‘toughen up’. Instead, I want you to become ‘inspired’!

So how do you become ‘inspired’? I hear you ask.

Easily… can become inspired just by using your imagination.

Your imagination is an incredibly powerful tool that we often forget to use. It is the one tool you have that can literally create the experiences of your life.

So how does using your imagination create a state of ‘inspiration’?

When we use our imagination (otherwise known as visualization), we are using the image centre of the brain.  The images you see through your eyes and the images you see in your imagination actually form in the same part of the brain. As a result, the brain does not distinguish between what is seen internally and what is seen externally.

This means your brain will accept either image as true, depending on what thoughts and feelings you attach to it. For example, if you ‘imagine’ a scenario, and you truly felt this scenario was really happening, so much so that you felt the reality of it running through your body like a bolt of electricity, then your brain will send messages to every cell of your body to tell it that the ‘scenario’ is in fact true! Your body will then respond according to the message coming from the brain.

Let me make this simple for you with an example we can all relate to.

How many times have you had dream where you suddenly fell, causing you to wake up with sweaty palms and a racing heart? I ask how many times because I know you have all had one of those dreams!

This is an example of using your imagination and having a response occur in your body because you believed it was really happening!

So what does this all mean?

Basically, it means you can imagine yourself as fit and healthy. Practice visualizing yourself going for a run. Run really, really fast! Feel the wind in your hair, feel the sweat running down your face, feel your lungs expand, feel your heart beat faster. Visualise this so that it feels real and true for you. Feel the feelings of running and being fit!

What will this do for you?

Have you ever exercised for long enough that you created a habit and you went from dreading exercise to wanting exercise? This occurs because we begin to become addicted to the hormones released when we exercise (not to mention your body loves it!). Visualise yourself exercising and loving it for long enough and soon you will begin to feel inspired! Inspired to go out and brave that chilli winter weather.

When you truly feel fit and healthy, not even a blizzard will stop you from exercising!